fran in moroccoAs the daughter of an artist and a computer programmer I am naturally drawn to creative yet very technical projects. During the day I practice commercial interior design and I love it! In the evenings and weekends I design jewelry.

In 2010 when the economy tanked, I was furloughed for 5 weeks and in all of my newfound free time I started working on an earring design idea that I had been toying with. Since then I have been selling the Frawn line in boutiques across the U.S. and all over the world through Etsy and Scoutmob. My designs have been feature in Bride Magazine, 1859 Oregon Magazine, and Willamette Week.

I am originally from Seattle, Washington, but have also lived in Oregon, Mississippi, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Norway. My family is from Maryland and Connecticut originally, so I spent many childhood summers visiting New England. I learned to ski in the beautiful white mountains in the northeast, I discovered fire flies in Mississippi, and in the midwest I learned how to survive blizzards, floods, and tornadoes.

After traveling so much growing up I started to really enjoy it. I travel frequently for work and I make the most of it! Business trips usually involve a side adventure where I can discover a new culture and explore unfamiliar places. While on those trips I photograph the natural and the built environment. I find inspiration in the colors and textures from those images which I then use to develop new designs using spray paint and wood.

In addition to the standard designs, I also fill custom orders. Over the years I have made countless custom pieces through requests on Etsy. I love hearing the story behind the request, knowing that I can make a cherished gift that represents a favorite pet, an upcoming wedding, or a lost loved one.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a custom design or are interested in a wholesale account. My email address is frawn@live.com. Also, be sure to like me on Facebook here.


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  • disease from hell says:

    Hi there.
    I was interested in a pair of Seattle earrings I ran across but cant seem to find where to buy them. They are oval with Seattle Seahawks blue on top, then their neon green and at the bottom is a picture of the space needle and city view I’m assuming in wood. Is there anyway to order a pair?
    Thank You,
    Lyndy Stucky

    • frawn says:

      Hi Lyndy! Thanks so much for the comment. I just listed the earrings that you mentioned on my Etsy site. They aren’t the best photos, but you can see the three different styles that I offer. Here is a link:

    • frawn says:

      Hi Lyndy, wow…I really apologize for the delayed response! Things got really hectic and I haven’t checked my blog notifications in a long time. If you happen to still be interested in these please send me a message at my email address here: frawn@live.com
      Thank you!

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