Icon Tattoo Now Carries Frawn Jewelry

September 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Great news!! Icon Tattoo in North Portland, at Mississippi and Russell, is now carrying Frawn earrings, cuff links, and belt buckles. I am extremely happy to work with the lovely folks at Icon Tattoo, everyone I met was so warm and friendly. If you haven’t discovered the store yet, you’ve gotta stop by whether you need a tattoo or a unique gift. The shop is in a beautiful old building with hardwood floors, brick walls, and tall windows at the front that light up the retail area. The all-local merchandise includes a wide variety of beautiful jewelry including one of my favorite designers Betsy + Iya, letterpress cards by  Hello! Lucky, art prints, and even Santa Cruz skateboards. It’s a quick walk from the yellow MAX line so check it out!

I Left My Heart in Bend, Oregon

September 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have spent the last week wondering how I have lived in Portland, Oregon for seven years and never made the trip to Bend, Oregon. This little town really has everything you could want in a city: a vast natural landscape sprinkled with mountain peaks visible at every turn, a bustling downtown with some of cutest boutiques and shops (I’ll get back to this), and a fabulous nightlife with a wide array of options to have a drink or dance. I’m already plotting a way to get back and see more!

We visited for four days and each day was wonderful. The highlight of the trip was the Garrison Keillor show at the Les Schwab amphitheater. I grew up listening to Prairie Home Companion and actually ran into Mr. Keillor in a hotel elevator in Fargo, North Dakota. My friend saw his name tag and said ‘Hey, your Garrison Keillor,’ to which he replied: ‘Yep.’ The worst part of that run in was that I couldn’t tell my mom because I was in high school and had snuck to Fargo to see a show! So I was finally able to tell her the story this weekend, what a relief.

Josh and I ate at the Pine Tavern that was right on the water and was so peaceful right in the heart of downtown. Once we were finished eating we decided to walk around and check out the city. That is when I discovered the coolest shop in Bend called Cowgirl Cash. This shop is a Western Vintage Boutique. The super friendly owner, Rebecca buys used and sometimes new merchandise and sells it in her store, hence the name Cowgirl Cash. According to Rebecca she has a soft spot for wonderful art done by women. She strives to buy things that are authentic, practical, and beautiful and this is definitely true. It was fun to walk through the store and look at every nook and cranny to find all of the beautiful items she has in her store ranging from authentic cowboy boots, artwork, clothing and jewelry, vintage silverware and glasses, and so much more. Not to mention the truly gorgeous wood table at the back of the room that is made of one piece of wood with portions of the bark remaining intact.

I saw the trays of belt buckles that she had on display and showed her the ones that I make. She loved them and is going to carry them in her store! So if you are in Bend, you must check out this store. Or if you are too far away to visit, check out the etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/cowgirlcash

Here are some other photos from our hike on South Sister to Green Lake showing why we will be back soon Bend! The haze in the last picture is the smoke from the fires north of bend and East of Sisters. It really came on pretty bad the last day of out trip which is when that photo was taken.


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