walnut cutouts

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Here are the rich and beautiful walnut cutouts:

new stuff … sort of

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Here is a small showing of a handful of my favorite earrings that I don’t have on etsy. The last three earrings have a very special meaning for me. About three years ago I visited my grandmas house and I took photos of everything I could so I would never forget the textures and patterns that I grew up with. These three earrings are from that trip. From left to right:1) Bikes!, 2)The top of buildings looking down from the Chrysler Tower in New York, 3) Curtains from the room I’d stay in at grandma’s house, 4) The bench fabric at the piano that I used to play Christmas carols with my sister, and 5) An ornate oriental rug that 4 generations of Willeys walked on over many, many years!


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After working a crazy long week for a deadline at the office I had two days off to enjoy myself and catch up on my earring work. I needed to photograph some new earrings so I was working in the back yard trying some different spots out. I love to photograph my earrings on the weathered wood post that holds our bird feeder. It’s one of the few relics from the previous home owners that we never removed, and it is perfect for the earrings backdrop. While I was photographing the St Johns Bridge earrings at another semi hidden location under the rhododendron bush I noticed two bluebirds taking turns feeding on the seeds. Who knew this old wooden post would be so popular!

The other big mission that I accomplished was harvesting the seeds for next years garden. This is the first year that I’ve done this and it is going to save a good amount of money next year when I can grow my own seedlings.

frawn is here

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This is my very first blog entry, ever, wow! I’m probably a little behind the ball since it seems like everyone has a blog these days, but it was a must with the launch of Frawn jewelry. I have always been interested in making and selling handmade things, starting in the lunchroom of 3rd grade. I lived in Columbus, Mississippi and loved to draw cartoons. My sister and I came up with the idea to make and sell stamps. So we drew cartoon pictures on paper and then covered the back of the paper with Elmers glue which would dry and turn the papers into stamps. I drew Garfield and other cute images, but the best was of Marmaduke the cartoon dog looking at his food dish with the caption ‘Where’s the beef?’ Totally 80’s!

I began making jewelry back in the early 90’s starting with peace sign emblems and beaded jewelry for myself and my friends in high school. I also jumped on the FEMO bead craze of the 90’s and made beads of monarch butterflies, the sun, flowers, natural stuff on hemp woven necklaces. I sold these at coffee shops and the local art museum. Eventually I went off to college for interior design and life got too hectic with schoolwork so the crafting stopped for about 15 years until just recently.

One day last year I decided that I wanted a pair of earrings that were wood discs with an image of a deer etched onto the surface. So I worked with the deer image, laser etched the image and cut out the wood discs. Then I hand sanded the discs so they had a nice smooth finish and painted on a clear natural oil finish. I didn’t use a lacquer, I wanted to feel the wood texture. I made myself a pair and then made some other pairs for my family for Christmas. I wore the earrings almost every day because the natural wood material went with every outfit, perfect! I got compliments from my friends who soon placed orders for earrings themselves. But most importantly, I began getting compliments from total strangers telling me that I should sell the earrings.

So finally I decided to give it a shot. I made a stock of earrings, loaded up my bags, tried to keep my nerves in check, and went door to door to boutiques around town that I liked and knew had great merchandise. I met the wonderful, friendly owners of Radish Underground and Redux whose enthusiasm over the earrings put me immediately at ease. I couldn’t have had a better start! So please check out these locations if you live in Portland:

Radish Underground (414 Southwest 10th Ave)

Redux (811 East Burnside St)

Belladona Beads (4940 N. Lombard)

Currently I have 12 earrings posted on etsy from the wilderness line. I’m hoping to add more in the future but at this time the site hasn’t proven to be fruitful. So I’m waiting and watching to see if things pick up before I post more items. Click on this text to check out the etsy site

I have a special offer right now. I am selling a pair of earrings that feature a beautiful brown pelican design. I will donate $5 of every sale to the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research Organization. None of the proceeds can be used to assist with the recovery effort in the Gulf for the BP oil spill, but it will help support the companies that do this tough job. At this time I have gathered $25 and I would like to send more! So please check out the earrings on my etsy site. There are two sizes a small and a large:Brown Pelican earrings

I have found that I absolutely love the creativity of jewelry making. It seems like the possibilities are endless and it such a wonderful experience to run into a total stranger wearring something you made!

Well, that’s all for today, off to sand some discs…..

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